Programming Adventures

Procedural Terrain Curve Generator Using Bezier Curves

This project has been developed with the help of Nick Jensen’s tutorial for the final project of COMP691F using Unity 2018.1.5f1.

This is a tool that will generate endless and procedural curved mesh for terrain using Bezier curves. You can assign this code to an object(e.g a quad) to create a random yet unique procedurally generated curve.

Below link is a video showing this tool in work:!Ahb7xLKjv-Nk3nn0PVeVaTQBj0AI

Programming Adventures

Procedural Landmass Generation

This project has been developed with help of Sebastian Lague’s tutorial as the final project for COMP6311 course and uses perlin noise in Unity 2018.1.5f1 to procedurally generate endless terrain and map.

You can switch to different types maps such as noise, falloff or mesh and change the properties of noise to get the desired effect for the map and even flatshading as a shading option.

The map is textured and blends different types of texture and with a character you can walk on it and move around the map infinitely!

Also by implementing custom assets you can create different height map, mesh and texture settings and save them all. 

Bellow is a video clip on how this project works progress: